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Staff Council

Meet the Staff Council

The staff council was re-organized by Dr. Levin-Stankevich on October 2013. Staff Council collaborates with administration to further the College’s mission and goals while fostering an inclusive and transparent environment for an engaged and empowered staff community. The Council's key roles are:

  • Disseminate information from cabinet meetings to staff (grass roots)
  • Help facilitate inclusion
  • Get ad-hoc committees or task forces together
  • Advocacy on behalf of staff

Amy Kelly- Chair

I have worked at Westminster College since August 2004, first as an adjunct in the English Department and as an instruction and outreach librarian at the Giovale Library since 2011. My academic interests include pedagogy, information literacy, and library assessment, among others. Currently, I serve on the Undergraduate Research Committee and the Innovative Learning Council, and I teach as one half of a learning community for international students during the spring semester. When I’m not at Westminster, you can find me playing tennis, reading (surprise!), walking my dogs, hiking or cooking for friends.

I am pleased to be nominated for the Staff Council! I am especially interested in the mission to foster “an inclusive and transparent environment for an engaged and empowered staff community” as well as to advocate on the behalf of staff and find opportunities for inclusion on campus. I am continually impressed by the staff of Westminster: we are an innovative and hard-working group that always shows pride in and dedication to our community. Staff Council is a fantastic step towards tapping into the knowledge and expertise of our staff, and I would like to make sure that our policies and programs benefit everyone on campus. It’s important that every staff member has a voice and the chance to engage in professional development to benefit students and the college.

Candice Greenwald- Vice Chair

Candice has been working at the college since September 2007. She is currently working as the Director of Budget and is located in Bamburger 105. Sydney Tervort, Westminster's Managing Director of Financial Affairs, states:

"Along with overseeing the budget, some of the duties Candice performs in her role as Director of Budget include working with grants, preparing the College’s Form 990 tax return, and working on the audit.  Among Candice’s most notable accomplishments in her first five years include the creation of a budget database that allows users to enter their budget requests electronically, as well as researching and implementing the new highly complex rules for the Form 990 tax return.  As if that wasn’t enough, Candice also recently completed her MAcc degree from the Gore School of Business, and has taught several semesters in the PBBA program."

Never shy, Candice is enthusiastic in her job and lights up the office with her bright personality. She is energetic and always willing to help when needed.  From covering the cashier’s window to shuttling groups of visitors around town in the college vans, Candice takes it all on with a smile.  

Irene Lokcik- Secretary

Born and raised in Chicago, my husband and I moved out west 14 years ago making stops in Flagstaff, AZ and Las Vegas, NV before settling down in Salt Lake 8 years ago.  My personal interests include gardening, hiking, cooking and animals of any kind. Because early on I realized that a pet elephant wasn’t really the best option for me I conned my husband into just going to look at the Cocker Spaniel puppies that were for sale in the neighborhood knowing that I’d come home with one and it worked!  These days I enjoy participating in a dog training club with our fourth and fifth Cockers, Henry and Rosie.  I’m hoping that one day all the training will sink in!  It has to, right?

The reason I would like to be considered as a nominee for Staff Council is that there is so much I love about Westminster and I’d be honored to be a part of making it an even better place for us all. I often see students and their families making great sacrifices in order to get a top notch education here and I would like to be part of giving them the best experience possible.  After all, everything we all do is for our students.  I recently held a Chicago Hot Dog Luncheon raising money for the Westminster Hardship Fund.  While the amount raised may not have been much, it lead to A Cinco de Mayo luncheon which raised even more money to help our students. Not only did these events raise funds but they also brought together people from other offices that we might not have ever met or talked to otherwise.  This is the kind of unity that I would like to be part of and spread around campus.

Winter Morse- Communication Secretary

Winter has been at the college since 2003. She started as a student employee in General Computer Lab and now works as the Computer Support Manager. Winter feels extreme lucky to work in a position where she gets to interact with the most amazing staff, faculty, and students. She is extremely grateful to be a part of Westminster and hopes to continue growing through her experiences here! It has been noted that "Winter is the Grand Central Station of the information services office" (Collin Bunker). She would like the staff of Westminster to know that she is also the Grand Central Station for them, so please stop by and visit her at anytime. 

Ryan Lewis

While attending Westminster College for his undergraduate degree, Ryan fell in love with college’s vibrant atmosphere and talented and caring people. It was these feelings that led him to began working full-time for the college in 1999, where he served as the computer lab manager. Today, he still holds to a “put people first” philosophy in his current duties as the network administrator. Ryan holds a BS in computer science and mathematics as well as an MBA. He enjoys a wide variety of hobbies, including photography, scuba diving and snorkeling, and sailing. 

Joe Ferrari

I guess you can call me a “lifer.” I came to Westminster in the fall of 1992. I was a student and Resident Advisor, Campus Patrol Officer, Events Set-Up Coordinator and now am The Director of Campus Scheduling for Conference and Events Services.

I love my job, not only because I work with an amazing team in Events Services, but my job allows me the freedom to get to know many people on campus. Getting to know so many talented, caring, intelligent, and passionate people from the Westminster Community is truly one of the blessings in my life.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, golfing, swimming, making wine, and hiking around the Uinta and Wasatch Mountains looking for wild porcini mushrooms.

Laura Iverson-Bastiani

I have been working at Westminster for 7 years and during that time I feel like I have had the honor of working out with almost everyone on campus at least once! I have a B.S. and M.S. in Sport Science and I honestly feel like I have the best job in the world because I get to do what I love each and every day (and I really don’t just work out all day)! I get to create fitness and wellness opportunities for students, faculty and staff and I have so much fun in the process. My work and my hobbies are blended in to one at this point. I enjoy cooking, personal training, traveling, teaching fitness classes, trail running, mountain biking, snow sports and of course spending time with my wonderful husband, Justin and my dog, Rocco. I would be so excited to serve on the Staff Council because I am passionate about professional development and we have such an outstanding and talented group of staff on campus. I would truly be honored!

Anita Boeira

A Brazilian native, Anita Boeira moved to Salt Lake City in 2006 to attend graduate school. Transplanting herself across the world, Anita first tested the American school waters at the University of Utah. It wasn’t long before she learned about Westminster’s reputation for hands-on learning and faculty mentorship that are unparalleled in the state of Utah. She made the decision to attend Westminster College in the Master of Professional Communications program, and hasn’t looked back since. Anita is passionate about graphic design, the web, finding solutions, sewing, Benedict Cumberbatch, and cats. She brings a unique voice, contagious personality, and immense talent to the Westminster community.

Susan Heath

I am completing my 30th year at Westminster. During that time I have served in eight positions, more recently as Associate Provost for Student Development, Assistant Provost for Student Retention and Engagement, Director of Student Success and currently as Associate Director of Athletics. (You might note I am climbing down the career ladder in an unusually orderly fashion but I have always been a bit different in my own quiet way). I was also the college ADA Coordinator for many years, have taught college transition and career planning courses, and have chaired and been involved with numerous task forces and committees. I have a doctorate in clinical psychology from Southern Illinois University and a background in counseling, advising and career development. Both of my children are Westminster graduates, and when not supporting the Griffins at college athletic events, I enjoy gardening, soccer, British mysteries and trips to southern Utah with my husband and dog.

I was involved in creating and serving on the first ‘staff affairs’ committee many years ago. Since then I have tried to be an advocate for staff regardless of my position; now that I am no longer in a senior administrative role, I am excited about the possibility of doing this as a representative to Staff Council. I have had the opportunity to work at many levels at the college and would love to be involved in supporting the Council’s collaboration with the college’s new leadership. I have had incredible mentoring from other staff members at Westminster which has had a major influence on my professional and personal development. I would like to see all staff have similar opportunities and to work with Staff Council to continue to build the relationships and systems to make this happen.