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Undergraduate Programs Application


At time of application applicant must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75.

The Utah State Office of Education requires that students who are accepted into an education program at an institution of higher education in the state have passed a standardized assessment.  The assessment can be the SAT exam (composite minimum 1000, reading minimum 450, math minimum 450) the ACT (composite minimum 21, verbal minimum 20, math minimum 19), or successful completion of the Praxis II exam – all four (4) subtests passed. 


While enrolled in EDUC 302 "Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society."

Make an appointment with your content area advisor. Obtain a degree audit for your content area(s) (major and/or minor) from the registrar or from the School of Education main office. Take the degree audits, the Content Area Course Work Requirement form, and a copy of your transcripts from all previously attended institutions with you to your appointment. Your advisor will evaluate courses taken at other institutions that may transfer to meet content area requirements. The advisor will also list all remaining courses needed to complete your major/minor, and when those classes will be offered. This step should be completed prior to meeting with your Education advisor.

Make an appointment with Tim Carr, Director of Elementary Programs, 801.832.2486 or Shamby Polychronis, Director of Special Education Programs, 801.832.2489.  Bring your degree audits, Content Area Course Work Requirement form, and transcript copies to your appointment. Your program advisor will create a tentative program plan for you, including major/minor course work.

The School of Education will review your application and will determine acceptance or denial into the program based upon review of your file and the above requirements. Acceptance into the program is contingent on successful completion of EDUC 302 Foundations of Education, and all prerequisites. You will be notified of the faculty's decision within two weeks of the application deadline.


Application Forms and Instructions

The Following Items are Required for your Application Folder:

Be sure your name appears on all forms.  Keep a copy of all completed forms for your personal records.  

Procedures and Requirements for Admission to the Teacher Education Program (pdf)

Declaration of Intent Form (pdf)

Complete and turn in the Declaration of Intent form, stating your intended area of study.

Letter of Intent

Write a formal two (2) page letter addressed to the School of Education. The letter must describe both why you want to be a teacher and what you feel you will uniquely bring to the field of education. Be sure your name is included in the letter.

Self Assessment (pdf)

Complete self assessment of professional dispositions.

Three (3) Completed Recommendation Forms and Letters of Recommendation (pdf)

Have three (3) employment or academic references complete and return the Recommendation form. 

A letter of recommendation can be used in lieu of the form, but must be attached to the form.

At least one letter must speak to your academic abilities, and at least one letter must speak to your ability to maintain professional relationships in a working environment.  

Background Check Authorization Form (info)

After completing your online background check, you will be allowed to print your receipt.  Print three copies.  One is to be turned in for your application file; one must be presented at the livescan fingerprinting office; keep a copy for your personal records.

Livescan Fingerprint Receipt (info)

Turn in one copy of your Livescan receipt for your application file.

Content Area Course Work Requirements Form (pdf)*

*This form is only required for those with minors outside the School of Education.

Group Assessment Interview

(See Undergraduate Application Process)


  1. Please note, you must take the Praxis during EDUC 302, and then any remaining subtests at least once per semester until all subtests are passed.  Failure to do so will require a hold be placed on your registration.
  2. All subtests must be passed before you can register for student teaching.  Please be advised that you will not student teach without passing scores for all subtests of the Praxis.



Please turn in all application forms to:

School of Education
Chirelle McCorley
Malouf Hall 111, 801.832.2471, mccorley@westminstercollege.edu