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Senior Recitals

Senior Recitals

Students with a music major - vocal performance empahsis are required to perform a recital during their senior year.  This is a terrific opportunity for students to show the depth and breadth of their vocal education and artistry gained over four years. The repertoire list will also prepare students for auditions for top graduate schools. Here is some important information about recitals for students and faculty: 

  • REPERTOIRE: Repertoire for the recital will be decided upon by the student and student's private voice teacher, but must comply with the minimum program requirements, unless an exception is approved by the head of the voice program (i.e., for musical theatre emphasis students).
  • INCOMPLETES: The recital must take place by the end of finals week during either fall or spring semester during which students register for senior recital credit. Students who do not complete the recital during the semester in which they are registered for credit will receive an incomplete (I) on their transcript.
  • ACCOMPANIST: Student recitalists must also register for at least 1 credit of coaching with Emily Williams (or another Westminster staff accompanist) during the semester of recital registration. The tuition paid for that credit will cover the cost of final rehearsals and performance of the recital.
  • PROGRAMS: Students must submit complete, edited copy as a Word document to Racquel Cornali at least two weeks prior to the recital date. Westminster will cover the cost of printing programs for a senior recital.
  • PREVIEWS: Students will arrange a preview with their voice teacher and at least one other member of the Westminster College voice faculty to perform a preview of their recital during a regularly scheduled vocal coaching at least one month prior to the recital. Students who are not prepared (a.k.a., memorized) at the time of the preview will possibly have the recital canceled and take an incomplete for the course. 
  • PROTOCOL: The recital itself will be introduced by each student's private voice teacher who will explain where and when the singer would like applause to happen. Students' parents or friends should not introduce the recital unless told to do so by the head of the voice program.

For further questions about senior recitals, please contact professor Michael Chipman mchipman@westminstercollege.edu.