Westminster Thinks Big

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2020 Presenters 

Join Westminster alumni, faculty, and students for an evening of thought-provoking, TED-style presentations. These short talks will inspire you to think big. 

When: Nov. 13, 2020 | 7-8:00 p.m.

Where: YouTube Liverstream 

Post-Event Virtual Reception

Join us after Westminster Thinks Big for a virtual reception with the presenters.

When: Nov. 13, 2020 | 8-9:00 p.m.

Where: Online


Maxwell White

A Serious Discussion of the Least Serious Topic; the Benefits of Satire in Society

About Maxwell

Maxwell White graduated from Westminster College in 2020 and earned his bachelors in economics, a minor in philosophy, and an Honors College certificate. He grew up in Magna, Utah and is the first in his family to attend college. He is an internationally certified scuba diver, an avid traveler, and he tried to write a YA novel during quarantine but ended up applying to law schools instead. 

About the Talk

Satire is a powerful tool for a community to thrive while critically analyzing issues with serious stakes. Sature also just encourages us to at ourselves, our habits, and the absurdity of life. 

Maxwell White

Jamie MoCrazy 

Create Your Own Luck 

About Jamie

Jamie MoCrazy grew up on the ski slopes. By the time she was 18 years old, she had won Junior World Championships and moved to Utah to continue training as a professional slopestyle and halfpipe skier, However, in 2015, Jamie crashed at the World Tour Finals, went into a coma, and became paralyzed. In an instant, Jamie went from being one of the world's best slopestyle skiers to relearning basic gross motor skills like walking upstairs and riding a bike. Jamie didn't let the result of this horrific accident keep her down. Instead, she worked hard to recover, leaning on her friends and family for support, and charged forward in life with optimism. 

About the Talk

What do you do when you encounter an unexpected trauma?Have you seen other people who've overcome tragedy and thought, "they are SO lucky?" But what if you could create your own luck? You can when you learn to build habits that transofmr your synaptic connections. Listen as Jamie MoCrazy explains how a shift in your mindset, followed by an understanding of what habits to build and how, will result in the next time your life becomes MoCrazy and you slide down a metaphorical avalanche, you will understand how to climb an alternative peak. 

Jamie MoCrazy

Mai Ho 

Casting a Vote for Women's Seats at the Table Through the Power of Capital 

About Mai 

Mai Ho (Honors, Bachelors in accounting and finance, '12) is a businesswoman and investor. Mai spent the first half of her career in venture investing at the University Venture Fund and equity research covering technology companies at Godman Sachs. In the more recent half of her career, Mai worked primarily in the tech industry in Silicon Valley, from mamanging a $10 million advertising budget at  mobile game studio, Storm8 (acquired for $300 million) to leading growth at the economic-tech startup Schooled (acquired). In 2017, she founded the e-commerce startup BigBalo and exited the company in 2019. Since then, Mai has spent the majority of her time managing her personal and family portfolio of investments, ranging from the public market and private equity to real estate. She's also a venture partner at Hustle Fund, an emerging early-stage Venture Capitals fund, where she leads and manages the fund's investments in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. 

About the Talk 

Mai Ho explains her navigation and triumph over gender biases within the tech, entrepreneurship, and investment industries in order to inspire others to fight for their seat at the table. 

Mai Ho