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The Myriad is an online journal dedicated to publishing student research by undergraduate Westminster College students from all academic disciplines. 


The Impact of Safe Consumption Sites Physical and Social Harm Reduction and Economic Efficacy

How Global Parvovirus Trends Correlate with Those in a Western US Metropolis

Political Disaster During the First Crusade: Conflicts Among Fatimids, Saljuqs, and the Saljuqs of Rum


A Review of the Most Common Exposure Routes of Mercury from Seafood and Dental Amalgam in the Human Population: Acceptable Standards for Exposure Levels and Adverse Effects of Mercury Toxicity

Evaluating antibiotic resistance in urban and non-urban reaches of Wasatch Front Streams

In Vitro Analysis of Lactase Activity in Commercial Probiotics

Impact of Sustainability Reporting on Firm Profitability

The Commodification and Exploitation of Women from the Core to the Periphery in Relation to the United States and Thailand


The Myriad accepts research essays from current undergraduate Westminster students in all academic programs. Co-authored works with professors are acceptable. You may submit more than 1 piece.


  • Each research essay submission should be between 2,500–10,000 words; however, consideration of exceptional work that falls outside this range may occur.
  • Research essays submissions must be a Word document.
  • If you have citations, you must use either APA, MLA, or Chicago style according to its respective style guide.
  • You must submit a 250-word abstract with the essay.


April 25, 2022

How to Submit

Email your work to Ranjan Adiga at