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Integrated Wellness at Westminster

Westminster College’s integrated approach to wellness empowers you to live a healthy life, develop confidence, and create your community on campus. Through prevention and intervention programs, you will learn a holistic approach to well-being that will help you discover health, happiness, purpose, and form connections on campus. This integrated wellness program encompasses the 7 dimensions of wellness: social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, environmental, and financial.

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Social Wellness

At Westminster, you are invited to explore and ask questions, getting to know yourself and your peers better while building community and forming long-lasting friendships. And, if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, Westminster is a welcoming place for students from all backgrounds, allowing you to meet people that may help you discover something new about yourself and the world around you.

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Intellectual Wellness

A liberal arts education at Westminster College is about becoming a lifelong learner and leading a successful and impactful life. Fuel your curiosity, ask questions, and lead a successful and meaningful life through Westminster's focus on wellness and intellectual growth.

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Emotional Wellness

Your emotional wellness plays an important role in your success at Westminster College. Whether you’re looking for mentoring, want to improve relationships, or develop your community, there’s a resource that can help you cope and find happiness.

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Spiritual Wellness

The spiritual dimension means respect for diverse people and their perspectives, cultivating a healthy and equitable campus community, and promoting prosperity and positive change. Find other compassionate, global-minded peacemakers who want to change the world.

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Physical Wellness

Westminster College is dedicated to making a positive difference in your health and well-being. With access to programs that prioritize your physical health, you will discover unique Utah’s ecological playgrounds, explore community on-campus, and pursue an enhanced quality of life.

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Environmental Wellness

Grow your understanding of environmental wellness through supportive leadership, educational events, environmental-based projects, and exciting programs that promote sustainable living practices.

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Financial Wellness

A healthy approach to money is a crucial part of your path to success. You’ll find support for jobs on-campus, your career after graduating, understanding financial planning, and everything in between.

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Integrated Wellness Center

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Westminster College cares deeply about our students and their education. That is why we are committed to empowering them to lead full and healthy lives of learning, accomplishment, and service. In the new Integrated Wellness Center, students will learn how to support their own basic needs. Students will be given mental, physical, and social support, nurturing for a strong spiritual foundation, and understanding of the complex sources of stress that inhibit learning and healthy living. The center will bring together a network of offices and services united in ensuring the physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and social wellness of our students, with classes and programming also available to the community.

This new, 11,600 sq. ft., 2-story facility located at the southeast corner of campus will provide comfort and beauty in its design and inspire students to create beauty in their own lives. It will be built on the footprint of 3 former homes and will be constructed to the highest standards of sustainability, focused on a net-zero approach.

Construction, equipping, and related costs, including an endowment for the facility's ongoing maintenance and upkeep, are estimated to come to $9.1 million.

Partner with Westminster to make this building a reality

Wellness Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Wellness Resources for Students

Community Wellness Partners

A commitment to your wellness extends beyond campus. Community partnerships and resources mean that if you experience trauma or need help, support is always available for you.

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