Westminster Fields Studies

At Westminster, your learning experience is not confined to classroom walls—faculty are dedicated to giving you opportunities to explore beyond the campus, making your education limitless. Putting your classroom education into practice as you explore Utah and beyond, you’ll ask and answer important questions and participate in the experiential learning that is vital in preparing you to take on the world after graduation.

Don’t wait for graduate school or your first job to start doing what calls you—unleash your curiosity, discover yourself, develop your skills, and get more out of your education against the backdrop of the American West.

Geology Card

Geology Field Camp

From the Wasatch Mountains to salt flats and mines, Westminster’s location offers you the ability to gain hands-on experience in geology. Put the topics you discuss in the classroom into perspective as you develop skills that will prepare you for a successful career.

Expedition Card

Westminster Expedition

Embark on an adventure and hit the road for a semester-long journey. You’ll explore protected sites, contentious places, working landscapes, and communities from present-day Native American nations to "New West" towns. To earn credits in the Environmental Studies and History programs, you’ll develop knowledge through interactions with the residents and experts you meet along the way and courses that tackle the issues at the heart of the contemporary West.

OEL Card

Outdoor Education and Leadership Field Semester

Spend an entire semester away from campus earning the field experience that is essential to a career in the outdoor industry. When you leave Westminster, you’ll stand out to employers as a competitive applicant with developed, professional skills in backpacking, rock climbing, paddling, and canyoneering, as well as leadership, teaching, communication, decision-making, and risk management.

Follow Along

Follow Westminster students and faculty on their field semester journeys as they share the locations they visit, the people they meet, and what they’ve learned along the way.

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