2021–22 Employee Milestones

40 Years

  • Michael Popich

    Michael Popich


    Professor, Philosophy


    During his 40 years at Westminster, Michael served 8 presidents of Westminster College. He joined Westminster Faculty in 1981 after earning his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Binghamton University.

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20 Years

  • Brian Jorgensen

    Brian Jorgensen


    Professor, Marketing

    Brian is a caring, multi-talented, and valuable colleague whose contributions to the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business and Westminster are impressive.

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  • Dave Goldsmith

    Dave Goldsmith


    Professor, Geology

    Dave Goldsmith is the founder and chair of the Geology program at Westminster College.

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  • David Baddley

    David Baddley


    Professor, Art

    David Baddley has been teaching at Westminster for 33 years. David came to Westminster in 1988 as an adjunct professor and became a full-time faculty member in the Art department 13 years, later in 2001.

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  • Deyania Ariza-Velasco

    Deyanira Ariza-Velasco


    Associate Professor, Spanish

    Deyanira is an international ambassador who works tirelessly to introduce students to Spanish and Latin American language and culture.

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  • portrait placeholder

    Jennifer Medrano


    Senior Accountant, Accounting


    Jennifer came to the college in 2002 as director of Accounting Services and served in that role until recently transitioning into a new position.

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  • Richard Badenhausen

    Richard Badenhausen


    Dean, Honors College

    Since 2017, Richard has worked as the founding dean of the Honors College. He served as interim provost in 2018–2019 while continuing his role as dean.

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15 Years

  • Christopher LeCluyse, Professor, English

  • Kaye Stackpole, Senior Director of Strategic and Planned Gifts, Institutional Advancement
  • Shay Wyatt, Director of Athletics, Athletics
  • Tony LeBlanc, Head Coach, Women's Soccer, Athletics
  • Winter Morse, Deputy CIO and Director of Client Services, Information Services

10 Years

  • Brandon Derfler, Associate Professor, Music
  • Emmalee Szwedko, Executive Assistant to the President and Director of Board Relations, Office of the President
  • Douglas Schooley, Campus Patrol Officer, Campus Patrol
  • Frank Black, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Jared Larkin, Associate Professor, Theatre
  • Jeff Driggs, Director of Foundation Relations, Institutional Advancement
  • LeAnn Peterson, Ceramics Studio Technician, Pottery
  • Russ Costa, Associate Professor, Neuroscience

5 Years

  • Bri Buckley, Director of Campus Safety, Legal, Risk Management and Safety
  • Carrie Huntsman-Jones, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • David Mickelson, Senior HVAC and Maintenance Technician, Maintenance

  • Erin Coleman Serrano, Associate Professor, Communication
  • Jovana Sisovic, Tax Clinic Director, Business
  • Julia Kamenetzky, Assistant Professor, Physics
  • Kara McShane-Hefley, Office Manager, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Kenan Ince, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Lizette Lyon, Director of Operations, Professional and Continuing Ed
  • Madi Jones, Circulation Manager, Library
  • Michael Santarosa, Registrar, Registrar’s Office
  • Molly Butterworth, Counselor, Counseling

  • Rebecca Penerosa, Assistant Professor, Art
  • Rebecca Sanderson, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Stephanie Santarosa, Assistant Dean, Honors College
  • Tony Russell, Director, Campus Security, Campus Patrol
  • Xiumei Pu, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies