The Westminster School of Education’s ArtsConnect initiative offers arts-integrated professional development and continuing education programming for classroom teachers, arts educators, paraprofessionals, and administrators throughout Utah. Generously funded by the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program and an endowment from Beverley Taylor Sorenson and the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, these opportunities for growth in curricular design and implementation in arts integration will help educators provide arts-rich learning experiences for children in Utah and around the world.

Continuing Education Courses

Westminster offers continuing education credit courses that help you meet the continuing education requirements in your career.

Arts Education Continuing Education Program

Westminster’s Arts Education Continuing Education Program focuses on the progressive pedagogical approach of arts integration, offering select courses that meet the requirements for categories 3 and 4 of the Utah State Board of Education’s Elementary Arts Integration Endorsement. Courses also qualify for lane-change credit in most school districts (approved by your LEA beforehand). Completing some of the courses results in receiving funds for classroom art supplies, and completing the Elementary Arts Integration Endorsement results in additional funding.

Courses can be taken independently without pursuing the endorsement. In-person instruction locations vary (specified for each course) and may be located off the Westminster campus.

Courses include:

  • AED 01: Arts Integration Methods
  • AED 02: Content Methods (in either Dance, Music, Visual Arts, or Drama)
  • AED 03: Arts Connect International Rwanda

A scholarship opportunity is available for AED 01 and 02.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Westminster offers several undergraduate programs you may be interested in pursuing. And, for undergraduate students who already know they are interested in also obtaining a master of arts in teaching, Westminster offers an accelerated option for the Master of Arts in Teaching program. Students pursuing this option need to take EDUC 302 and EDUC 312 as a part of their undergraduate studies.

Graduate Programs

Utah Professional Arts Organizations

Utah has several professional organizations you may consider joining to explore additional professional development opportunities and network with other arts professionals:


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