Honors College Research Conference Presentation/Workshop Reimbursement Grant Application

Currently enrolled Westminster Honors College students in good standing who are presenting research at a conference (excluding the NCHC annual meeting) or attending a research-based workshop tied to their academic area of interest and hope to have travel expenses offset with funds from the Honors Student Research Fund should complete this form no later than six weeks before their travel commences.

Students who complete grant applications, submit them to the dean, and have them approved by the Honors Council will be informed by email of the Honors Council’s decision. To receive reimbursement for expenses related directly to the conference/workshop, students must submit (after their travel) 1) original receipts to the Honors College Dean, along with 2) a completed hard copy of the form with the budget table in question #5 completed and 3) a 1-page reflection on your conference/workshop discussing what you learned, what surprised you, etc., all as separate PDF attachments to your email (one each for all receipts, completed budget form, and reflection).

Honors students are eligible to receive one of these grants during their tenure at Westminster College, once they have completed three or more of the 200-level Honors seminars.