Event Services

Westminster College offers a variety of event venues year-roung on our accessible, 27-acre campus in the Sugar House neighborhood. Westminster partners with Bon Appétit to provide quality food service and catering for conference groups.

At this time and until further notice, many campus events are cancelled or moving online. Student clubs and organizations, community engagement, and student affairs programming will continue to the extent possible, but only with COVID-19 safety protocols in effect.


Host an Event on Campus

Non-westminster community members

Westminster College’s idyllic campus in Salt Lake City is open to the community for hosting weddings, cocktail hours, corporate retreats, and more. With event locations ranging from outdoor patios to cozy meeting rooms, you’ll find the right space to fit your needs. 

Host a Westminster Event

westminster community members

Submit an event request to start your event planning process, including reserving space or catering, creating a registration form, adding your event to the campus calendar, and promoting your event.

If you're hosting a virtual event, you may need to create a registration form in order to share login instructions securely.

Learn how to create virtual event registration forms.

Schedule a Meeting

College community members can reserve a non-classroom and non-event meeting room through Outlook. All information about the rooms and accessing room keys are included in the room details in Outlook. Some rooms will require approval by the room administrator and may be declined or changed at the administrator's discretion.

See a list of rooms available to book through Outlook.

Learn how to schedule virtual meetings.

Request to Table

Submit a tabling request form to table inside Shaw Student Center or outside in Richer Commons. College groups, employers, and private companies are welcome to table with approval by Event Services. Employers and companies must agree to follow all rules outlined in the form and pay a $100 tabling fee.

Meeting Rooms Available in Outlook

Create a new meeting in Outlook and select "browse for more rooms" to see rooms available during your meeting time. You can also adjust the building, room capacity, and floor to narrow the room options.

Rooms you can book through Outlook include:

  • Adamson Upper Conference Room: Alumni House 1st Floor
  • Burton Conference Room: Gore 226
  • Center for Financial Wellness Finance and Investment Lab: Gore 126
  • Converse Conference Room: Converse 208
  • Education Conference Room: Malouf 125
  • Foster 3rd Floor Conference Room: Foster 318
  • Foster 4th Floor Conference Room: Foster 415
  • Foster Faculty Lounge: Foster 203
  • Giovale Basement Meeting Room: Giovale 006
  • Glaeser Conference Room: HWAC 3rd floor
  • Gore Basement Conference Room: Gore B-18
  • Gore First Floor Conference Room: Gore 131
  • Gore Simulation Lab: Gore B-19
  • Meldrum 2nd Floor Conference Room: Meldrum 284
  • Meldrum 3rd Floor Conference Room: Meldrum 384
  • Watson Board Room: Giovale 204
  • Nursing Lounge/Lactation Room: Giovale Library 033 (available for nursing mothers)

Schedule a Virtual Meeting

Westminster College supports the use of Microsoft Teams for all virtual meetings.

To host a fully virtual meeting, send an Outlook calendar invite with a Teams Meeting link by selecting in Outlook:

  1. Calendar
  2. Meeting
  3. Teams Meeting

If your virtual meeting also requires the use of campus space, fill out an event request.

Create Registration Forms for Virtual Events

If your virtual event requires a registration fee, fill out an event request.

Microsoft Office 365 Forms

  1. Go to https://forms.office.com
  2. Click "Get Started"
  3. Enter your Westminster email and password
  4. Click "New Form”
  5. Under the "Questions," "Untitled Form" tab, click "Add New"
  6. Click into the "Untitled Form" box to add your event title
  7. Under "Description," add additional information about the event (always include location, date, and time)
  8. Add registration form questions (always include an email field) using the "Choice" and "Text" question format options
  9. Click "Share" in the right corner
  10. Copy the link to promote event registration
  11. Click on the "Responses" tab
  12. Click on the "Open in Excel" tab to view event registrations

Google Forms

  1. Go to https://www.google.com/forms/about
  2. Click on "Personal forms"
  3. Enter your Westminster email and password
  4. Click on the "Event Registration" form template
  5. Fill in the corresponding information
  6. Delete sections that do not apply to your event by clicking on the 6 dots at the top of each section
  7. Add an image by clicking on the right hand tool bar to personalize your page
  8. Click the purple "Send" icon in the top right corner
  9. Click "Automatically collect respondent’s Westminster College email address"
  10. Email the registration form link to yourself
  11. Click the "Responses" tab and export to “Spreadsheets” to collect registration data