Peer Mentor Application

The purpose of the Honors Peer Mentoring Program is to ease the transition of incoming Honors students and strengthen the sense of community within the Honors College. Students are uniquely qualified to help other students succeed; by guiding, advising, and encouraging, mentors will enhance the Honors experience for incoming students during the most important time of their college careers.

This opportunity allows current Honors students to stay involved in the program and maintain connections with other Honors students. It will also provide leadership training and experience.


The Peer Mentor will be expected to:

  1. Attend a mentoring planning meeting in the spring.
  2. Make contact once with mentees over the summer by email, mail, or phone.
  3. Help facilitate Honors orientation and facilitate introductions and discussions between new Honors students.
  4. Check in with mentees regularly throughout the year to advise, guide, encourage, and address any concerns they may have about the Honors College, usually through email or phone contact.
  5. Arrange one planned social activity per semester for mentors/mentees to build a sense of community.
  6. Traditional cohort mentors: Host one or two of the Honors “Tuesday Conversation” sessions during the fall term. Lateral entry cohort mentors: Collaborate with mentor group to plan workshops for lateral entry students during the fall term.
  7. Participate in 1-2 recruiting events during the academic year—in some respects, peer mentors are the public “face” of the Honors College and start their mentoring activities during the recruiting process.
  8. Host 1-2 Nunemaker Study Nights (Sundays 6-9 p.m.) each semester.
  9. Attend one check-in meeting with the Assistant Director of Honors in the fall and spring semesters.
  10. Complete and submit a short end-of-year reflective exercise on the peer mentor's experience and performance in the role.

Time Commitment

A central feature of the peer mentoring program is the August Honors Orientation session, which will take place on Aug. 13, 2021 for the first-year cohort (those around the day before can help the first-year Honors students move in to the residence halls) or on Aug. 20, 2021 for the lateral entry cohort. If other involvements or commitments preclude your being available all day for the orientation session of the group you wish to mentor, please do not apply. (For example, those serving in a Resident Assistant role should only apply for the lateral entry mentor role as they will be committed to RA training/student move-in on Aug. 13, 2021) During the fall and spring academic terms, the extent of the mentor-mentee relationship will depend largely on the degree to which the first-year student seeks out mentoring.


To participate, the Peer Mentor must:

  1. Have completed Welcome to Thinking by the time their mentoring begins.
  2. Be in good standing in the Honors College.
  3. List one member of the Honors faculty who have had classroom experience with you and can attest to your commitment and suitability to be an Honors Peer Mentor, asking that faculty member to complete a Faculty Recommendation Form for you (a link to the electronic form will be sent to the email address you provide in the application below.)
  4. Complete an application by Feb. 19, 2021 and a brief (15-20 minutes) interview with Steph Santarosa by Feb. 26, 2021.