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University Transition Information

The westminstercollege.edu website domain will transition to westminsteru.edu on June 15, 2023. All other website updates will occur on or after July 1, 2023, the institution's official transition date.

To fully transition the website to Westminster University, your department must submit PDF and vanity URL update requests to the web team. You can submit one request for your new PDFs and one for your vanity URLs, or you can submit both your PDF and your vanity needs in one web request by selecting both request types in the form. Submit all PDF and vanity URL needs for your entire department at once to speed up the transition process. This will require coordination within your department.

Your department's webpages might link to PDFs or other files. Those files will need to be updated to ensure they are branded "Westminster University" and don't use broken links. These instructions refer to "PDFs," but apply to any file hosted on westminstercollege.edu (e.g., PDF, Word, Excel, PPT files).

  • Review your department’s webpages for PDFs and other files your content links to.
  • Ask: Can this PDF be content on a webpage instead? Can it be a web form instead? Is it still needed at all?
  • Download Adobe Acrobat for free.
  • If you can’t locate the original file within your department, download the PDF from the website and edit it in Adobe Acrobat or convert it into a Word file.
    • If you edit in Word, be sure to export your file as a PDF before submitting it to the web team.
  • For the PDFs you’re keeping:
    • Test links and ensure they are not producing a 404 error and that they are using the full URL (e.g., https://westminstercollege.edu/academics/programs/nursing/index.html, not https://westminstercollege.edu/nursing).
    • Replace “westminstercollege.edu” with “westminsteru.edu” in links and emails—be sure to update both the link text and the link URL.
    • Replace “Westminster College" and "college" with "Westminster University" and "university" in text.
    • Update the Westminster logo.
      • To comply with ADA requirements, do not use a document header and add “Westminster University logo” as the image’s alt text.
      • Once added to a document, you can resize the logo smaller, but not bigger.
      • The logo file provided is only intended for document use; there is a separate process for updating swag.
    • Make sure your files meet ADA requirements by running accessibility checkers:
    • Save your PDFs with the exact same filename that they currently have on the website (e.g., if your PDF's URL is currently https://westminstercollege.edu/_resources/files/default-source/global-learning/study-abroad/nursing-study-abroad5eee.pdf, save your updated PDF as nursing-study-abroad5eee.pdf).
    • Create a SharePoint folder for all of your new, final PDFs and copy the shareable folder link OR create a zip file:
    • Submit a “File Upload or Update” web request and provide the SharePoint folder URL or attach your zip file.
      • You can submit new PDFs before July 1, but they won’t be updated on the website until after July 1.
      • Do not update handbook PDFs within this process; all university-related updates will be managed by the web team as part of the annual handbook update process before Aug. 1.

In an effort to reduce load time on the website and transition to westminsteru.edu as quickly as possible with limited downtime for users, the web team will only implement submitted lists of vanity URLs your department needs to continue using.

  • Submit a “Vanity URL or Redirect” web request with a list of vanity URLs your department will continue using by May 12.
    • Keep your list limited to only the vanities you print in official materials.
    • Consider using only one vanity per webpage (e.g., /apply and /how-to-apply could be reduced to just /apply).
    • Replace links to vanity URLs in your department's emails or portals with full URLs (e.g., replace https://westminstercollege.edu/nursing with https://westminstercollege.edu/academics/programs/nursing/index.html).
    • If your vanities are not submitted by May 12, they will break once the website transitions to westminsteru.edu on June 15.
  • You can update vanities in your department's print materials from westminstercollege.edu to westminsteru.edu before June 15, but do not distribute them until after June 15.

The web team will manage all updates to:

  • Calendar events
  • Campus directory
  • Digital signs
  • Featured search results
  • Formstack forms
  • Google Search
  • Printed QR codes
  • Virtual tour
  • Website content and links

It is your responsibility to update:

  • Links*
  • Vanity URLs
  • QR codes**
  • Email addresses
  • Logos***
  • Text

In these communications/media:

  • Departmental emails
  • Newsletters
  • Commflows
  • Text messages
  • Third-party portals, applications, or subdomains (e.g., Slate, Graduway, Canvas)
  • Print pieces your department created
  • Office 365 and Google forms
  • Your personal browser bookmarks
  • Email signatures

*Subdomains for third-party portals or applications will change on a rolling basis. If you link to a subdomain, email lkendellen@westminstercollege.edu for more information.
**The web team can redirect QR code URLs, but only temporarily. Depending on your situation, it may be easier for you to update your QR codes June 16 or after July 1.
***The Office of Marketing, Communication, and Events will provide digital-use logos to the campus community before July 1, 2023.

Your Task Timeline

May 12: Submit a “Vanity URL or Redirect” web request with a list of vanity URLs your department will continue using by May 12.
June 16: You can start updating vanity URLs, QR codes, and links in your department-created communications/media any time, but do not publish/distribute new versions until June 16.
June 30: Submit a “File Upload or Update” web request with your new PDFs by June 30.
July 1: You can start updating logos, text, and email addresses in your department-created communications/media any time, but do not publish/distribute new versions until July 1.

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