Alumni Computer Accounts

Upon individual request, the Information Services department will extend graduating Westminster students’ computer accounts for 1 year (from date of graduation). After this period, the account will be deleted. Alumni computer accounts must adhere to the Responsible Use of Technology policies. If alumni account is not requested, student accounts will be deactivated 1 month after summer semester grades are posted.

All alumni computer accounts receive these services:

  • Email account
  • Printing (fee may apply)

Requesting an Alumni Computer Account Extension

To request an alumni account, contact the Alumni Office to have your account created (801.832.2748 or

Requests Prior to Graduation

If you request an alumni account prior to graduating, your alumni account will have the same login name, password, and email address as your student account.

Requests After Graduation

If your student account is deleted before you request an alumni account, you will receive a new login name, email address, and password. New login names will be based on your initials and birthday in MMDD format. If you don’t have a middle initial, there is no character. Your initial password will be your student ID number with no dashes.