Honors College Staff

Richard Badenhausen, Ph.D

Richard Badenhausen, Ph.D

Dean, Honors College
Alicia Cunningham-Bryant, Ph.D

Alicia Cunningham-Bryant, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Director of Fellowship Advising
Stephanie Santarosa

Stephanie Santarosa

Assistant Director of Honors
Julie Stewart, Ph.D

Julie Stewart, Ph.D

Associate Professor
  • Inequality; social movements; theories of development; globalization and migration; applied sociology; political sociology; Latin America; qualitative methods; social theory; social change; social problems
  • jstewart@westminstercollege.edu
  • ‌801.832.2418

Honors Council

The Honors Council works in conjunction with the dean of the Honors College to oversee and support the administration of the college on topics including:

  • Curricular matters
  • Recruitment, admissions, and retention
  • Selection and distribution of grants and awards
  • Enhancement of the student experience in Honors


Faculty members are appointed in consultation with the dean of the Honors College for 2-year terms, with 3 from Arts and Sciences (Dave Goldsmith ’21, Kristjane Nordmeyer ’22, Russ Costa ’22), staggered so that not all of the positions come up for reappointment each year; 1 each from the Gore School of Business (Alysse Morton '22), the School of Education (Annelise Cannon '22), and the School of Nursing and Health Sciences (Han Kim ’21); and 1 at-large faculty member (Connie Etter ’21).

Ex Officio (Voting) Members

  • Dean of the Honors College, who also serves as chair of the Honors Council
  • The Assistant Director of Honors and Fellowship Advising
  • The Director of Fellowship Advising:
  • The Assistant Director of Honors Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
  • Representative from the Advising Staff
  • Assistant director of Admissions, or whichever Admissions position oversees the recruitment of high achieving students at the college.
  • 2 students, who are the president and vice president of the Student Honors Council, for 1-year terms.