three students in a field

Becoming a Student Trip Leader

Trip Leader Process

Developing student leadership is a priority for the Outdoor Program. The trip leader process includes a combination of academic courses, field training, certifications, reflection, and professional development based on student interest and experience level. Many student leaders have planned, prepared, and fully implemented a trip with guidance from professional staff. The trip leader process is ongoing, highly individualized, and based on each student's strengths and path.

How Do You Get Involved?

The first step is to participate on Outdoor Program trips. The best way for you to get to know the Outdoor Program and for the Outdoor Program to get to know you is to go on adventures together. Then, talk with Outdoor Program professional staff and create your Outdoor Leadership Portfolio—this will help identify your strengths and your goals.

Potential Leadership Roles

Shadows are participants on trips who are also learning about trip leadership, pre-trip planning, and preparation—this is the first stage of being a part of a leader team. Apprentices, Assistants and Trip Leaders are people who have worked hard to develop outdoor and leadership skills necessary to be an active part of a trip's leader team. This is simply a summary—read more details about the Trip Leader Process.