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Staff Retreat

Staff Retreat is a time for Westminster staff members to learn from one another and enjoy our community. Faculty members are encouraged to attend the Awards and Recognition Ceremony and reception to celebrate the accomplishments of their staff colleagues.

Professional and Personal Development Session Proposals

Share your expertise or excitement about a skill, hobby, or work or life hack with your colleagues. Sessions will be held both virtually and in-person and the length of the sessions will be flexible to accommodate a variety of session types. If you have any questions about leading a session, please reach out to Laura Kendellen, chair of the Professional Development Committee.

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Staff Council Nominations

Staff Council is seeking to elect 4 new staff members to become part of our committee starting July 2022. Staff Council members serve for 2 years with an optional third year. All staff eligible for membership may be part of the election process.

You are eligible to run for election if you:

  • Are a part-time or full-time staff member of Westminster College
  • Do not hold faculty status
  • Are not an officer of the institution (e.g., a member of the President's Extended Leadership Council)
  • Are in good standing with the college

If you were part of the recent mid-year elections and were not elected, you can submit your name again for this new round of elections.

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 staff socializing in richer commons during retreat

Staff Community Awards

To recognize the work of staff over the past year, Staff Council is asking for nominations for the Staff Community Awards. Staff will be recognized in 5 categories, with 1 winner for each. Nominations are judged based on how well the staff member meets the category's criteria.

SUBMIT AN AWARD NOMINATION View Award Criteria View Past Award Winners

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staff smiling with each other during retreat lunch on richer commons