Declare Your Major/Minor

All students are required to formally declare their major area of study during their sophomore year and complete an advising appointment with a faculty advisor in each of their academic programs (majors, minors, and certificates). Students reaching 45 or more credits who have not formally declared their major and/or met with an advisor will not be eligible to register for upcoming semesters.

How to Declare

To review degree requirements for each major or minor you are interested in declaring:

  1. Sign in to Self-Service and then click "Student Planning and Registration."
  2. Click "View My Progress."
  3. Click "View a New Program."

Alternatively, you can review requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

After reviewing the requirements, complete the following steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment with a faculty/program advisor in your area of interest and bring the following:
  2. Email the Formal Declaration of Majors Minors Form as an attachment from your Westminster email account to Faculty can also send a message indicating their approval by email.

Faculty Advisors

Each school has its process for assigning approved full-time faculty advisors to students. Adjunct faculty are not academic advisors.

The Meldrum Science Center departments of biology, chemistry, environmental studies, geology, neuroscience, and physics assign faculty advisors through Meldrum 213. Students ready to declare a major should see Mary Alley, who will assign an advisor. All other students should go to Foster 218 for assistance in finding an advisor of their choice.

Students are assigned a faculty advisor after acceptance into the Education program.

Students are assigned a faculty advisor after acceptance into the Nursing program.

Students are responsible for reaching out to establish and maintain a relationship with their advisor. Advisors for each major can be found below:


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Business Computer Information Systems

Business Minor


Entrepreneurship Minor


International Business



Sports Management