Meldrum Science Coaching

Meldrum Science Coaching offers free, drop-in, and in-person coaching and tutoring. Coaches can help with classroom and laboratory assignments. The center can also be used as a place to gather for study groups. Coaches offer support with general chemistry and organic chemistry, among other subjects such as biology and neuroscience.

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Coaching Hours: Sunday–Thursday, 5–8:00 p.m. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the center closes.

Coaching Location: Chemistry Coaching Center, Meldrum 150


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General chemistry, organic chemistry, organisms and evolution, genetics, cell biology
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General chemistry, brain and behavior, cell biology, ecology, genetics, organisms and evolution
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General chemistry, organic chemistry, quantitative analysis
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General chemistry
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General chemistry, organic chemistry, genetics, cell biology
Three students working in a lab with lab coats and protective eyeware on

Eight students sitting around a table in a classroom working on classwork

Two students working with liquids in a lab with lab coats and protective eyewear on