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Community Impact Scholars

Developing the Engaged Leaders of Tomorrow

The Community Impact Scholars program at Westminster College provides students an opportunity to engage with civic engagement and social and environmental justice issues on a deeper level, while developing their leadership skills. Stretching across the academic year, the program offers opportunities to connect with community leaders, hands-on learning experiences, and personal and professional growth. The Community Impact Scholars program is a collaboration between the Dumke Center for Civic Engagement, Environmental Center, Gore Giovale Center for Innovative Leadership, and Student Diversity and Inclusion Center. This program will help students develop the skills that employers and graduate schools are seeking, as well as support to translate this experience into meaningful resume and application materials.

Community Impact Scholars Program Outcomes

Students in the Community Impact Scholars Program will examine societal issues, root causes, impacts, intersections with other issues, and possible solutions by analyzing their own and others’ beliefs, values, social identities, and world views, and their implications for how one defines and contributes to the common good. Students who participate in this program will gain an understanding of:

  • Leadership: Increase self-awareness through identifying their strengths and values and be able to use this awareness to communicate and collaborate effectively with others
  • Identity Saliency: Articulate their multiple social identities and recognize the role of identity in their lived experiences
  • Interdisciplinary Thinking: Understand and vocalize the interdisciplinary nature of social and environmental justice issues and solutions

Community Impact Scholars Program Expectations

Students will be expected to follow the program guidelines:

  • Attend at the monthly Community Impact Scholars sessions. Each session will include time for reflections on the month's materials and activities as well as time for discussion of relevant topics and themes.
  • Participate in at least 4 hours of program activites each month. Activities should include the monthly Community Impact Scholars session (2 hours) as well as at least 2 additional hours of community service, any other Centers programming, reflective journal entries, or any other learning activity related to the program outcomes.
  • Complete a final reflection activity to be presented at the last program meeting in April. This reflection can take any form, including a written paper, video, or creative writing piece.


How to Apply for the Community Impact Scholors Program

Any current Westinster College student is welcome to apply to the program by Sept. 18, 2022. Priority will be given to students in their junior and senior year. 

Submit your Application

If you have any questions about the program or application, please contact Sophie Caligiuri by email at