Organic Garden Volunteer Holding a Chicken

Organic Garden

Westminster's organic garden is a space for students to collectively grow, eat, and learn more about fresh and healthy food. Our garden includes raised vegetable beds, a teaching/gathering space, a permaculture spiral, and compost tumblers. Students plant and maintain the garden, and produce is available every week at garden volunteer days or the campus farm stand.

Location: Follow the path (marked with a bike collective sign) across from the North Parking Structure entrance on 1200 East.


"The Environmental Center inspires students to be passionate about the planet and encourages us to follow our passions by supporting our own ideas and projects. The community that the center has welcomed me into has been one of the best aspects of my student worker position."

Kara Kornhauser ('19)

Orchard and Bee Hive

South of Giovale Library you can find fruit trees and beehives. The hives are maintained by students and provide honey and wax. Students can attend workshops about beekeeping, participate in a guided visit to the hives, or be employed as beekeepers.


When it is cold outside, the garden program uses the campus greenhouse to grow microgreens and other plants. We also use the space to get our vegetables started for the spring garden.