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 Left: Steve (’88) and Colline (’87) Prasad Right: Mariah Brown (’17) and Audrey Kriss (’18)

by Jessica Dalton

Say hello to our Westminster sweethearts: Colline (’87) and Steve Prasad (’88), and Audrey Kriss (’18) and Mariah Brown (’17). Both couples met at Westminster and are grateful for the college’s role in cultivating their relationships. Colline graduated from the School of Nursing and Health Sciences and is now a nurse manager at the University of Utah. Steve graduated with a degree in psychology and is a school psychologist in the Granite School District. Audrey and Mariah now reside in Chicago, Illinois. Mariah is finishing a master’s degree in social work and Audrey works in graphic design and marketing.

How did you meet?

Colline: “We met in 1984, Steve was a freshman living in Converse and I was a sophomore, living in Hogle. The first time I saw Steve was during freshman initiation when the freshman boys had to parade in front of the their underwear (True story!).  On-campus living was much different then, there were just not that many of us living on campus, so dorm activities were very well attended by everyone. We spent a lot of time as a group hanging out that first year and we became great friends.”

Mariah: “We met while serving in student government. I was a junior and Audrey was a sophomore and we were both on the ASW Events team. I didn’t get a chance to get to know Audrey very well that year, but I had a huge crush on her!”

What was your first date?

Steve: “On October 25, 1985, the dorm activity was the haunted woods at Wheeler Farm. We both attended and have been together ever since. Colline was driving her awesome 1974 gold Ford Galaxy. I jumped into the front seat on the way home because I wanted to sit next to her. I must have surprised her because she gave me a very surprised ‘Oh, okay.’”

Audrey: “Over the next year, we became very close friends and decided to fly to Washington, DC, to participate in the Women’s March. We cemented our bond over women’s rights, Star Wars: Rouge One, and some very terrible sandwiches. After that, we were official!”

What role did Westminster play in developing your relationship?

Colline: “Living on campus and being a part of the campus-life community provided us the opportunity to spend a lot of time together first as friends and then as a couple. Even though we had different majors, we spent most of our days together studying, eating at SAGA, and hanging out at night with our friends who also lived on campus.”

Audrey: “The entire beginning of our relationship was thanks to Westminster. We met doing student government, but a few of our dearest friends from Westminster definitely encouraged us to date! Had it not been for being on the events team, I don't think our paths would have crossed. We also did an original piece for the Vagina Monologues together, where we felt the entire Westminster community cheering us on.”

Did you have a favorite place on campus to spend time together?

Steve: “The campus had a lot more ‘green space’ when we were there. We would play softball in the field where the performing arts center is now and volleyball on the south side of Hogle—chasing the ball down the hill where it often landed in the creek. There was also intramural volleyball where we played on the same team. We also liked to go to the amphitheater.”

What are some of the things you do to keep your relationship growing? 

Mariah: “We are constantly communicating. We learned pretty early on that we need to communicate well in order for our relationship to thrive. It's been a learning experience, we still learn every day, but it has helped us grow as partners and people. We also are always sharing with each other—sharing things like our thoughts, our passions, our worries. If it pops in our head, we normally say it out loud. We are always finding interest in things that interest the other person.

Audrey: We also got a dog together and he's been the light of our lives, along with his older brother, adopted by Mariah her sophomore year.”



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