Westminster Adds New Major, Minor Programs to Curriculum

Mar 31, 2016

March 31, 2016 Minors in entrepreneurship, data science and major in education studies to begin in fall 2016 SALT LAKE CITY - Westminster will add three new programs to its curriculum in the fall of 2016. The college's Board of Trustees approved new minors in entrepreneurship and data science, and an education studies major.   Entrepreneurship Minor Whether a student is a biologist, a computer programmer or a writer, they can learn how to prosper while pursuing their passion. Westminster's new minor in entrepreneurship provides students from any discipline with the skills needed to apply the principles of business startups to their careers.   In the past, entrepreneurship classes were only available in the MBA program and to undergraduate business majors. Now, they are open to all students from any major. Westminster's new minor in entrepreneurship provides the opportunity for students across campus to learn skills in marketing, business model development, social entrepreneurship, accounting, professional selling and web design.   "Entrepreneurs are creative, imaginative people who can come from any industry," said Cliff Hurst, assistant professor of management at Westminster. "We're excited to instill in our students the sort of entrepreneurial thinking that is increasingly being sought by employers."   Data Science Minor Interpreting big data could mean big dollars as the number of jobs in data science grows across the country. The Harvard Business Review called data science "the sexiest job in the 21st century." Glassdoor.com ranked data science the #1 job in America and one of the highest paying. With data centers and information technology included in Utah's Economic Cluster Initiative, Westminster is now helping educate the workforce of this growing sector.   What is it? Data science involves mining large datasets to answer questions and draw conclusions. The subject is a combination of disciplines: statistics, analytics, computer science and math. Westminster's data science minor offers students multidisciplinary investigations of datasets, designing models and methods for integrating and analyzing data, as well as techniques for the computational analysis of large volumes of data.   "We're excited about the opportunities for collaboration that a data science minor offers students and faculty in a variety of fields from biology to neuroscience, chemistry, public health, finance and more," said Lance Newman, interim dean of Westminster's School of Arts and Sciences. "The greatest benefit of the new data science minor will be the competitive edge it gives our graduates from a variety of disciplines on the job market."   Education Studies Major The education studies major is for students interested in teaching environments outside of traditional K-12 schools. Possibilities include teaching in foreign countries, workplaces, museums or non-profits and working in outdoor industries. The major prepares students for non-formal educational settings, enables students to customize a unique and interdisciplinary major and provides a valuable degree for students who decide not to continue with a teacher licensure program in elementary education.   "We are excited to have this flexible major as a part of the School of Education," said Peter Ingle, interim dean of Westminster's School of Education. "Now we can serve the needs of many students who love teaching. This broadens the scope of organizations and students who can benefit from the School of Education's focus on the value of teaching."

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