Planning and Priorities

The Planning and Priorities Committee reviews comprehensive budget data, including revenue and expense assumptions, and plans how to allocate resources to best support the priorities of the college. The committee’s goal is to generate an annual budget to recommend to the Board of Trustees. The board then allocates available resources to meet identified priorities.

The Planning and Priorities Committee is co-chaired by the provost and the VP of finance and administration (or the interim CFO) and includes:

  • The president
  • The VP of student affairs
  • The executive director of human resources
  • The director of budget
  • The managing director of financial affairs
  • 2 staff members identified by Staff Council
  • 8 faculty members who are elected to three-year terms

The Planning and Priorities Committee has a list of 20  Expectations for Effectiveness that set the ground rules for committee communication. These expectations include members bringing an institutional mindset, being objective, and respecting the confidentiality of sensitive information shared during the planning process.

The composition of the committee is not meant to include representation from all areas across campus. Rather, it aims to include critical areas of expertise in the process of identifying campus priorities for the allocation of resources.

Planning and Priorities Committee Meeting Notes



Planning and Priorities Committee Members