Aviation Program Updates

April 2, 2019

Westminster Women in Aviation Chapter members

Women in Aviation Chapter

To support our female students, we have an active student club that is a local chapter of the Women in Aviation, an international organization. This past October, the chapter hosted a very successful “Girls in Aviation” Day event at the South Valley Regional Airport. That event brought together numerous aviation businesses, schools, and nearly 200 girls from our local community who wanted to learn more about aviation and flying careers. The student chapter not only meets regularly and plans a variety of social events throughout the year, but they also attend the WAI conference every spring. Several students are expected to attend the WAI conference in Long Beach, CA in March.

Airline Recruiting

Two airline recruiters with doughnuts

Airlines continue to visit campus and actively recruit our students. Our numerous bridge programs allow students to be mentored by professional airline pilots and receive guaranteed employment as early as the student’s sophomore year. The airline industry is experiencing drastic shortage of pilots and our students are in high demand. All of our current students can expect to have unprecedented career opportunities in all areas of aviation employment for at least the next 20 years.

St. George Spring Break Trip 

For the 17th year in a row, we will conduct our annual trip to St. George, Utah, during Spring Break. During the week, approximately 20 students will fly Westminster airplanes at the St. George airport as they enjoy completing flight lessons that take them to a variety of new training locations. The ability to complete flight lessons daily, without needing to focus on other classes, makes this trip productive and fun for our students.

May Term Trip

Aviation professors Ryan Leick and Pat Veillette look forward to conducting a May Term Study Experience in Switzerland with a variety of aviation and business students. This class, which filled in under seven minutes, will focus on transportation and sustainability.

Course Offerings and the Wind Down of the Program

After this spring semester, AVIA 101: Air Transportation and AVFL 121: Foundations of Flight will no longer be offered. Also, Flight Operations majors who do not hold a Private Pilot certificate by May 3rd will need to change majors to either Aviation Management or another major of their choosing.

All Aviation students have clearly mapped out their graduation plans in Self Service to account for the gradual discontinuation of all Aviation classes over the next two years. Having all of our students’ plans mapped out in Self Service has allowed us to have a very clear predictive model for enrollment in all of our aviation classes and will be critical as we make decisions about course offerings during our program wind-down.

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