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The Neuroscience Program at Westminster College

Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, the brain, and all its cognitive functions and behaviors. It is a flexible discipline that allows you to both specialize in your areas of interest and get the breadth of background you need for a fulfilling career. At Westminster, our well-rounded curriculum provides you with an education in multiple scientific areas. That way, whether you want to go on to a graduate school program or get a job in a research setting, you will have all the tools you need to succeed.

Who the Neuroscience Program Is For

Our neuroscience program is a great fit for any student who feels drawn to experiential learning, constructing hypotheses, and unraveling the mysteries of the brain. Neuroscientists study in order to learn how to solve complex problems, which is why our students have open minds, think critically, and are naturally curious.

What Are the Key Benefits of the Neuroscience Program?

  • The extensive scientific background our program offers will make you a competitive candidate for undergraduate research opportunities.
  • Our neuroscience program is highly customizable—work with your advisor to be sure your study path meets your personal goals.
  • Experience hands-on classes where you will have an opportunity to work in the lab, discuss research articles, and engage in collaborative projects.

sample Neuroscience courses

  • NEURO-120: Genetics of Human Behavior
  • NEURO-305: Human Brain Development
  • NEURO-408: Cognitive Neuroscience
  • NEURO-434: Social Neuroscience


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Our Faculty

Russ Costa, Ph.D

Lesa Ellis, Ph.D
Faculty Emeritus

Krista Todd, Ph.D
Associate Professor


liberal education courses

You must complete the WCore program or join the Honors College (and complete requirements) to fulfill your liberal education credits.

Neuroscience Proram Plan of Study

In order to successfully complete our neuroscience program and obtain a bachelor’s degree, you will take four years of classes. In the first year, you will take chemistry, psychology, and an introductory course on the brain and behavior. During the second year, you will explore the areas of statistics, genetics, cell biology, and research. In your third year, you will choose neuroscience electives like behavioral, cognitive, and cellular science, and in your final year you will delve into advanced topics in neuroscience.

Neuroscience career opportunities

Westminster´s neuroscience program gives you the skills to understand and work with the development, structure, and function of complex systems. Our program graduates have a very high success rate after graduation. Twenty-seven percent of our alums are currently enrolled or have finished graduate school, 30 percent are enrolled in medical school or other professional health programs, and 12 percent are working directly in neuroscience research at the bachelor´s degree level.

Potential Neuroscience Careers 

  • Master’s and PhD in various aspects of Neuroscience
  • Medical careers: doctor, physician´s assistant, physical therapy, etc.
  • Neuroscience lab careers: cognitive, behavioral, cellular research, etc.
  • Neural engineering
  • Computing and software engineering, machine learning

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With the highest percentage of students who complete one or more internships in the state, Westminster students hit the ground running with real-world experience. Plus, 90% of students were either employed or attending graduate school within 5 months of graduating. With a Westminster degree, you don't have to choose between a successful career and a fulfilling life.

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