Undergraduate Conference Schedule

2019 Schedule

Check-in and Light Breakfast

Meldrum Foyer, 8:30 a.m.

Check-in opens in Meldrum Foyer at 8:30 a.m. and remains open all day. Croissants and breakfast beverages available courtesy of ASW.

Session 1: Paper Presentations

School Connectedness and Masculinity

Presenter: Luis Lopez
Faculty Sponsor: Jamie Joanou and Ana Antunes

School Was Never for Me:  School Push-Out, Black Women, and the U.S. Public Education System

Presenter: Ebony M. Tyler
Faculty Sponsor: Ana Antunes

Monsters, Murder, and Mothers: Exploring the Alienated Narratives in School Shootings

Presenter: Angela Mock
Faculty Sponsor: Giancarlo Panagia

Race, Class, and Gender in After-School Programs

Presenter: Sophie Schreiber
Faculty Sponsor: Ana Antunes


All Colleges Created Equal? A Policy Analysis of For-Profit Higher Education

Presenter: Isaac Pitcher
Faculty Sponsor: John Watkins & Cid Seidelman

The Problem with Free Education in America

Presenter: Jay Burrows
Faculty Sponsor: John Watkins & Cid Seidelman

The LDS Religion and its Possible Correlation with Salt Lake City LGBTQ/GSM Homelessness

Presenter: Dawson Whitaker
Faculty Sponsor: John Watkins & Cid Seidelman

Utah's Juvenile Justice System through an Economical Lens

Presenter: Caleb Dye
Faculty Sponsor: John Watkins & Cid Seidelman


The State of Legal Protections of Bodily Autonomy With Regards to Mental Competency Determinations

Presenter: Calen Smith
Faculty Sponsor: Lesa Ellis and Russ Costa

Functional Brain Asymmetry Profiles as a Risk Factor for Depression

Presenter: Elizabeth Iazykova

Explorations in Teaching Reproducibility Issues in the Behavioral and Neural Sciences for Undergraduate Students

Presenter: Ciera Woods
Faculty Sponsor: Jonathan Amburgey and Brian Avery

Linguistic Stigmas

Presenter: Yazmin Marin, Melissa Swedin and Latifia Yaqoobi
Faculty Sponsor: Lesa Ellis


Session 2: Paper Presentations

Acculturation vs. Assimilation: Analyzing Mexican Conservatism and Inmigración through Lotería

Presenter: Destina Bermejo
Faculty Sponsor: Ana Antunes

Borders of Illegality: How Neoliberal U.S. and Spanish Immigration Policies Exploit Undocumented Non-citizen “Others"

Presenter: Jessica Taghvaiee
Faculty Sponsor: Giancarlo Panagia and Deyanira Ariza-Velasco

Occupational Gender Stereotypes seen through Children's drawings

Presenter: Hazel Burnett
Faculty Sponsor: Kristjane Nordmeyer

Models for the Collaborative Management of Protected Lands between Indigenous Communities and Governmental Agencies

Presenter: Jack Jacob
Faculty Sponsor: Xiumei Pu


Information in the Modern Era: How Mass Data-Sourcing and Targeted Advertising Will Change Necessary Economic Policy into the Future

Presenter: Austin J. Anderson
Faculty Sponsor: John Watkins & Cid Seidelman

An Analysis of Modern US Tax Policy's Impact on Income Inequality

Presenter: Ryan Reese
Faculty Sponsor: John Watkins & Cid Seidelman

Benefits of Corporate Philanthropy

Presenter: Jeremy Cota
Faculty Sponsor: John Watkins & Cid Seidelman

Open Source

Presenter: Austin S. Anderson
Faculty Sponsor: John Watkins & Cid Seidelman

Modern Monetary Theory: An Introduction and Historical Analysis

Presenter: Koby Sobremesana
Faculty Sponsor: John Watkins & Cid Seidelman


True Rape Myths, Trauma Comparison, and Insufficient Resources: Factors Contributing to Female Survivors’ Guilt When Accessing Resources on a College Campus

Presenter: Mary Grace Lewis
Faculty Sponsor: Nicole Bedera

Using the Arts in the Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment of Sexual Violence

Presenter: Emily Bagley
Faculty Sponsor: Peggy Cain

Rhetoric Surrounding Salt Lake City’s Unhoused Community

Presenter: Kiana Avlon
Faculty Sponsor: Ana Antunes

Doula Care for Positive Birth Outcomes in the U.S.: Better Serving Neglected Demographics through Greater Focus on the Bearer

Presenter: Lila Weller
Faculty Sponsor: Colette McAffee & Eileen Chanza Torres

Break 11:15 AM–12:15 PM

Session 3: Poster Presentation

Great Salt Lake Halophilic Archaea: A Model for Mineral-Entrapment of Life

Presenter: Adrik Da Silva 
Faculty Sponsor: Bonnie Baxter

Past, Present, and Future: Earthquake Risk and Preparedness at Westminster College

Presenter: Anna Beyer & Aurora Amundsen
Faculty Sponsor: Han Kim

Exploring Earthquake Awareness and Preparedness at Westminster College

Presenter: Anne-Solene Bregou & Megan Fairchild 
Faculty Sponsor: Tiffany Rivera & Jonathan Amburgey

Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Diversity Within and Among Wasatch Streams

Presenter: Annette Donald
Faculty Sponsor: Giancarlo Panagia

Plane Crash Analysis

Presenter: Austin Anderson
Faculty Sponsor: Sean Raleigh

An Evaluation of the Association between Postpartum Depression, Social Support and Child Interval Births

Presenter: Bert Merrill, Naomi Shapiro & Madison Paulson
Faculty Sponsor: Colette McAfee

Project Whisk(e)y

Presenter: Cheyli Sylvester
Faculty Sponsor: Giancarlo Panagia

Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Diversity Within and Among Wasatch Streams

Presenter: Annette Donald
Faculty Sponsor: Sean Raleigh

The Impacts of Urbanization on Wasatch Stream Biota

Presenter: Chloe Fender
Faculty Sponsor: David Kimberly

Behavioral Response of Medicinal Leeches to Different Intensities of UV Light

Presenter: Ciera Woods & Logan MacLennan
Faculty Sponsor: Krista Todd

Homework Helper: Empowering Users to Schedule their Schoolwork using Hierarchical Modeling

Presenter: Cole Polychronis
Faculty Sponsor: Sean Raleigh & Helen Hu

Online Advertisement Image Prediction and Analysis

Presenter: Diwas Poudel
Faculty Sponsor: Sean Raleigh

Characterizing Mortality across Four Utah Counties

Presenter: Erin Gaykowski & Amy Richards
Faculty Sponsor: John Contreras

Supra-Esophageal Loop Neurons Receive Information from Visual Receptors of Hirudo Verbena

Presenter: Grace Padilla
Faculty Sponsor: Krista Todd

Skyport Planning & Design Standards for Urban Unmanned Aircraft Operations

Presenter: Isabella Gold & Hayley O'Brien
Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Leick

Peace in the World

Presenter: Jen Rowley
Faculty Sponsor: Cliff Hurst

Survival Rates and Infant Mortality among Those Born with Critical Congenital Heart Defects

Presenter: Jillian Ronay and Emily Halliday
Faculty Sponsor: Han Kim

Physical Movement in the Elementary Classroom: Benefits for Learning and Behavior

Presenter: Mara Kushner
Faculty Sponsor: Ana Antunes

Sources of Variability in Mid-Paleozoic Rugose Coral Colonies

Presenter: McKenna Holliday, Megan Fairchild, Caelan Pike Meter, Ben Stover, Mariah Slagle & Jakob Hartmann 
Faculty Sponsor: Dave Goldsmith

General Aviation Airport Business Models of the Future

Presenter: Noelle Johnson
Faculty Sponsor: Ryan Leick

Teacher Perceptions on Current Human Sexuality Instruction in Secondary Special Education Classrooms in Northeast Utah

Presenter: Ocean Candler & Quinn Z. Visher
Faculty Sponsor: Colette McAfee

Quantitative Analysis for Ecological Stability of Silver Lake

Presenter: Tyler Roberts
Faculty Sponsor: Robyn Hyde

Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Quantifying the Force Involved in a Long Jump

Presenter: Yongtai Li, Michael Greenwald, Julianna Manseau, Adrik Da Silva & Ciera Woods
Faculty Sponsor: Peter Conwell & Julia Kamenetzky


Session 4: Paper Presentations

Healthy Lake, Happy City

Presenter: Jake Tallman
Faculty Sponsor: Robyn Hyde

Utilization of Maltotetraose during a Nine Generation Serial Repitching Experiment

Presenter: Aaron D. Smith
Faculty Sponsor: Will Deutschman

The Infinite Value of All Living Beings

Presenter: Polina Lyubavina 
Faculty Sponsor: Cliff Hurst

Evolutionary Psychology and Mental Illness: Explanatory Models on Eating Disorders

Presenter: Amy Richards
Faculty Sponsor: Gretchen Siegler


Comics, Tweets as Political Knowledge

Presenter: Jaedri Wood
Faculty Sponsor: Jake Hoskins & Stephanie Santarosa

Public and Private Communication in the Age of Social Media

Presenter: Will Gregorak
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Popich

Falsifiability in Developmental Policy

Presenter: Paul Nasca
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Popich

Economic Justice and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and the Collapse of Justice the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Presenter: Elizabeth Johnson
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Popich

Session 5: Paper Presentations

Losing my Religion: Causes of Individual Conversion During the Protestant Reformation

Presenter: Kaitlin Bradley
Faculty Sponsor: Mary Jane Chase

The Henry Mountains Project

Presenter: Katie Saad
Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Nichols

Advocating for Our Human Resources

Presenter: Kealey Gill
Faculty Sponsor: Susan Arsht & Shamby Polychronis

Ezra Schofield Creative - Demo Reel & Business Plan

Presenter: Ezra Schofield
Faculty Sponsor: Erin Coleman


Racism in America Today

Presenter: Kaytlynn Scott
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Popich

The Philosophy of Gender Identity

Presenter: Joaquin N Colman
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Popich

Speciesism, Interconnected Oppression, and Alternative Worldview

Presenter: Polina Lyubavina
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Popich

Reconfiguring Identity: An Ecofeminist Approach

Presenter: Madison Klein
Faculty Sponsor: Michael Popich


Senior Art Exhibit Gallery Stroll

Tanner Atrium, Jewett Center, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

  • Jack Benton (JB)
  • Regina Carey
  • Olivia Dawson
  • Roya Hedlund
  • Erika Hill
  • Katerina Mantas
  • Clay Maxwell
  • Abby Rinquist
  • Adam Tarr
  • Arianna Wittel


  • Clayton Keyes
  • Matt Kruback
  • David Baddley