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Deferment Admissions Policy




Do you have plans for military service, a religious or humanitarian mission, or other health related needs before starting your enrollment at Westminster College? Don't worry - we'll have your scholarship waiting for you!

Westminster College's Deferment Program allows you to take a leave of absence with confidence. Once you complete your admissions application and are accepted to Westminster, you can leave knowing that your admission and merit scholarship will be waiting for you when you return.

Just complete the following steps:

  • Complete your admissions application and be accepted to Westminster for the fall semester after your graduation date (i.e., if you graduate in June 2013, apply for fall 2013).
  • Accept your admission by returning the Admissions Enrollment Reply Form.
  • Pay your $250 deposit to secure your scholarship.
  • Complete and return your Admissions Deferment form.

It’s that simple, because you’re that important to us!