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Finance Major

Westminster College offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) Finance Major. The Finance Major is particularly well suited for careers in corporate finance, international finance, new venture financing, investment research and portfolio management, banking, financial consulting, or business financial planning. In addition, a Finance Major is an excellent option for students interested in pursuing an MBA or law degree. For specific information, see the Academic Catalog Finance Program Section.  


Why Westminster?

  • Unique combination of theory and practice – The theoretical and practical aspects of finance are integrated to provide students with critical thinking skills and analytical tools as a foundation for life-long learning. Instructors within the program have real world professional experience and credentials combined with their academic qualifications.
  • The Center for Financial Analysis – One of the premier finance labs in the country is located at Westminster. This state-of-the-art facility gives students an unparalleled opportunity to work with global real-time global market data. Real-time data sources combined with in-class training and the latest software programs give students the necessary tools to engage in a variety of sophisticated financial analysis and modeling.
  • D.A. Davidson Fund – Westminster participates in a regional college investment portfolio challenge sponsored by D.A. Davidson. Each college is given $50,000 to invest over the course of the school year. Students learn how to do investment research and portfolio management as they make real stock transactions with actual dollars.
  • Quality of Education – The combination of small class sizes, personal attention, instruction quality, professor accessibility, real world applications, and sophisticated analytical tools will maximize your educational experience and will prepare you a career in finance or graduate school.
  • Courses offering breadth and depth – Westminster’s new finance major includes an expanded course offering to give students more options and flexibility in customizing their finance education. Course offerings include: Business Finance, Investment and Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions and Industrial Banking, Personal Financial Planning and Insurance, Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits, Securities Regulations and Trading, Financial Derivatives, Investment Strategies and Applications, International Finance, Business Forecasting, and Strategic Financial Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Practice/experience courses – Students are required to complete an internship or equivalent practical business experience as part their education.
  • Nationally accredited - The Gore School of Business is nationally accredited by the Association of College Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).


What are the Finance Program Learning Goals?

Students completing a degree in Finance (B.A. and B.S.) should:

  • Explain the firm’s financial structure and the role of finance in maximizing a firm’s value.

  • Use financial theories, practices, analytical tools, and models for making critical decisions.
  • Develop solutions to complex financial problems.
  • Communicate complex financial concepts, analyses, strategies and decisions.
  • Develop ethical awareness and an understanding of global financial markets. 


How Can I Learn More?

Contact the program director, Professor Lauren LoRe at 801.832.2648 or by email at