Connie Etter

Connie Etter, Ph.D


Full-Time Faculty
Assistant Professor


Phone: 801.832.2327


Office Location: Foster 114

Office Hours: Th 12:00PM 02:00PM


Ph.D. Syracuse University
M.A. Syracuse University
B.A. Concordia College


In my work at Westminster College, I do whatever I can to support June Jordan’s claim that “school could become, in fact, a place where students learned about the world and then resolved, collectively and creatively, to change it!” My goal is to help students, and myself, imagine the world differently to engage in the world differently. I am drawn to abolitionist, anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist feminist texts and pedagogies to facilitate conversations, writings, creative projects, and community engagement opportunities. As a cultural anthropologist teaching in a justice studies department and honors college, I focus on how we can learn about systemic oppression and resistance through experience and encounter. For me, this has led to ethnographic research projects in south India and Palestine. My hobbies include cycling and ultra-endurance bike-packing events/races, cooking mostly vegetarian meals, and spending time with border collies.

Connie Etter