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Westminster's Engineering Program

Why Study in the Engineering 3-2 Program?

Choosing to study engineering will prepare you for a career in a demanding field or graduate studies in a related discipline. Opportunities in engineering vary from biomedical, chemical, or mechanical engineering.

Why Choose Westminster's Program?

The 3-2 program enhances your preparation for a career in engineering by providing you with a broader educational background available at a liberal arts school. Students prepare for the demands of the Engineering program in an environment of a small college with smaller classes and individual attention.

What Else?

Our Engineering program is offered in conjunction with the University of Southern California, LA, and Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Students who successfully complete the program requirements will earn two degrees: a B.A. or B.S., with a major in either Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, or Chemistry from Westminster College, and a B.S. in a specific field of engineering from a university listed above. Under the 3-2 program, you attend Westminster College for three years and then transfer–after meeting entrance requirements–to a university listed above for an additional two years of study in a selected engineering discipline.