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Graduate Degree
Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business
5 Semesters


The skills obtained with an MBA are crucial for achieving your career goals, but what happens when life and professional commitments get in the way? Westminster College's Project-Based MBA program is designed for those who want to master the abilities executives need to become leaders in their respective fields from the comfort of their homes. In this program we understand that what you know is important but that what you can do with what you know is crucial to your success.

Who It's For

The Project-Based MBA program is perfect for working professionals who are looking to take the next step in their career. Because the program is taught in an interactive, online format, you can complete the program around your personal and professional schedule.

Key Benefits

  • Instead of taking courses, you will be requested to complete cross-disciplinary projects
  • Further enhance the abilities you already have
  • While working on a project, you will have a full-time Westminster College faculty member who will serve as your coach to help you build your knowledge
  • Learn using cutting-edge education technology

How Long It Takes

Students can complete the program in 18-24 months, depending on their availability, drive, and focus. Since you are moving at your own speed (within a semester), you have the option of moving faster through the projects.

"The MBA is about self-discovery, networking, and crafting a personal learning plan that makes sense for your career or entrepreneurial goals. Professors and business mentors at Westminster are ready and interested in helping craft this type of individualized learning. Westminster is the only school in the Intermountain West that provides this type of MBA. I was not interested in moving lockstep through a prescriptive program toward some uninteresting large-company job; I wanted a clear and high quality return on my investment shaped around my interests and career growth. Westminster created that experience."

Brian Wierman, '09

About the Program

In addition to your courses, you will have access to a variety of centers and involvement opportunities on campus.


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Average age of students

Data is an average of the past few academic years as of Fall 2019.

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What You'll Learn

Being an executive is not just about business concepts, it's also about managing projects, leading teams, facilitation, negotiation, presentation ability, writing ability, and more. By completing projects you will build, learn and apply skills in different areas.

You complete the program by mastering program goals and related competencies, including:

  • Competency-based: Complete a total of 5 project sequences designed and sequenced specifically to measure student learning and accomplishment. You will base projects on real-world problems and contextualize analysis to the student’s firm or entrepreneurial venture. Each project sequence can be completed within 1 semester, meaning students can complete the program in 5 semesters (approximately 20 months).
  • Individual and team-based: Complete most projects individually to demonstrate mastery of associated business and professional competencies. Some projects are team-based to assist you in mastering leadership competencies, such as managing projects, leading and working in teams, and coaching.
  • Low-residency: Attend a 1-day residency for each of the 5 project sequences. You will combine your professional experience and ability with learning experiences and resources delivered online to master program competencies. Projects are then completed around your personal and professional schedule, making degree completion more flexible and convenient.
  • Faculty-coached: Work directly with a full-time faculty member individually to provide project guidance and performance coaching. Faculty members evaluate completed projects to determine if the project sufficiently demonstrated competencies.

Plan of Study

Program Format

The Project-Based MBA program follows an alternative plan of study format. Instead of taking multiple courses, you will complete a set of project sequences.

The program is competency-based, meaning program curriculum was developed with the expectation of certain knowledge, skills, and abilities (competencies) you develop as you progress. Through this curriculum style, you will build expertise as you put theory into practice, applying what you learn immediately through projects tailored to your background, career, and aspirations.

This program is also taught in an interactive, online format, meaning you can complete projects around your personal and professional schedule to make degree completion more flexible and convenient while still having meaningful interactions with faculty and peers.

The Sequences

You complete all projects in each sequence to demonstrate a mastery of the program’s learning goals and competencies. Coursework is broken into 5 project sequences:

  1. Strategic Leadership
  2. Consumers in the Market
  3. Enterprise Performance
  4. Implementing Strategy
  5. Business Plan (You will build a business plan for a new startup or work on an intrapreneurial plan for your company as well as take the ETS Major Field Test in Business)

The program uses team projects and one-on-one mentoring to build a community with coaches and peers, learn about project assignments and competencies to be evaluated, increase your performance in competencies, and network.

When you've completed all of the projects, you will have demonstrated expertise in over 80 different business and executive skills, mastering everything a traditional MBA program student knows and far beyond.

International Trip

At the end of the program, you’ll take an international trip with your cohort where you’ll put your skills into practice, demonstrating your ability to understand the complexity and interconnectedness of social, economic, cultural, and political issues and trends that affect the way international business is conducted.

Start Dates

May, August, and January

Learn More

More information on projects, coaching, grading, residencies, and more can be found under degree requirements on the Project-Based MBA program academic catalog page. Specific information on the parts of each project sequence is listed under course descriptions for the program found in the academic catalog.

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There's No Better Investment Than You

Tuition and Fees

The price model of the Project-Based Master of Business Administration program ensures that you know the full price of the program at the beginning. All-inclusive pricing is fixed for 5 years once enrolled, as long as you stay active in the program. This includes all course materials and an international context tour.

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Financial Aid

Westminster works with all students to determine the financial aid opportunities available to them. Federal financial aid is available and will be awarded on an individual basis to students who have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Some federal financial aid programs require students to maintain the equivalent of full- or part-time enrollment. Westminster also offers scholarships for graduate students.


Students who completed an undergraduate degree at Westminster are eligible to receive the Westminster Alumni Scholarship. Project-Based MBA program students are also eligible for the MBA Leadership Scholarship.


Graduate students are eligible for Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Direct (grad) PLUS loans through the U.S. Department of Education’s federal student loan program.

Important Dates

Application Deadline

Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. To secure a spot in your desired entry term, submit your application by the term's deadline:

  • Spring Entry: Dec. 1, 2021
  • Summer Entry: April 13, 2022
  • Fall Entry: July 29, 2022

Entry Terms

Fall, spring, or summer

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