Aviation Flight Operations

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Bachelor of Science
Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business
4-Year Degree


Your Path to a Professional Pilot Career

The Westminster Flight Operations program prepares you for a career as a professional pilot in the airline and corporate aviation industries. As with many professions, there are minimum qualifications that make you more attractive to potential employers. At Westminster, you will gain the flight skills, knowledge, and judgement that take you well beyond the minimum requirements set by the FAA.

You are entering a field that is competitive. The minimum is not enough. Westminster will help you get the edge you need by providing you with opportunities to go above and beyond.

Key Benefits

  • Earn an industry-recognized aviation degree
  • Prepare for industry changes that affect all aspiring pilots
  • Learn how pilots are selected for hire at the regional airline level
  • Train how pilots are trained at the regional airline level
  • Complete the minimum flight time requirements needed to meet new hiring standards
  • Save thousands of dollars in flight training costs with reduced qualification hours
  • Qualify for Part 121 airline jobs with just 1,000 hours of total time instead of the standard 1,500

Accreditation Employers Trust

We are fully accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) and are part-141 approved.

The Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business is nationally accredited by the Association of College Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

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About the Program

What You'll Learn

Now, more than ever, the aviation industry is demanding more from its pilots and Westminster College is uniquely qualified to prepare its students to meet these rigorous demands. The Westminster College flight training program combines high academic standards with high flight training standards to produce pilots who can think critically and who have a thorough understanding of the many professional demands they will face as professional pilots in today's ever-changing industry.

Students graduating with a flight operations degree earn private, instrument, and commercial single- and multi-engine land ratings. Students can progress to certified flight instructor (CFI), certified flight instructor-instrument (CFII), and multi-engine instructor (MEI) ratings. Our program is designed to prepare students to be professional pilots in the aviation industry--especially in light of recent industry changes.

You will develop skills that are in high demand through:

  • A unique, FAA-approved, scenario-based flight curriculum.
  • An innovative approach to evaluating learning outcomes, learner-centered grading, where students are actively involved in the grading process.
  • Opportunities throughout the integrated curriculum to develop and build problem-solving strategies and crew resource management skills.
Aviation Flight Operations program students demonstrate skills and knowledge relative to each of these areas:
  • Attributes of an aviation professional
  • Career planning
  • Certification
  • Aircraft design, performance, operating characteristics, and maintenance
  • Aviation safety and human factors
  • National and international aviation law, regulations, and labor issues
  • Airports, airspace, and air traffic control
  • Meteorology and environmental issues
  • Pilot certificates and aircraft operation

Career Opportunities

Potential Careers

Most of our students plan to become pilots for the commercial airlines, but others have plans to fly corporate jets, transition into the military, or take advantage of the many other opportunities available for pilots today.

Related Programs

Westminster also offers a Aviation Management program (major and minor), and the Aviation Flight Operations program can also be taken as a minor.

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Student Achievement Data

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