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Westminster’s entry-level Mandarin Chinese courses are designed to help you create connections to the rest of the world and become familiar with one of today’s most prominent languages. 

Who It's For

Our Chinese language courses offer a comprehensive education of the Chinese and Asian cultures. Students who have a particular interest in discussing subjects like sustainable development, government systems, and the international market will broaden their horizons through this series of courses.

Key Benefits

  • Small class sizes mean you'll receive personalized attention from your professors.
  • Discussion-based learning is at the heart of our program. Each class emphasizes the practice of Mandarin Chinese through meaningful conversations.
  • A focus on Chinese and Asian cultures allows you to expand your global knowledge and understanding.

About the Program

What You'll Learn

  • Engage in a culture that is different from your own and learn to see the world through multi-cultural perspectives.
  • Practice communicating your ideas in another language with conciseness and darity.
  • Deepen your understanding of Mandarin Chinese.

Plan of Study

The program of study will take you through the basic levels of the Chinese language, where you will study pinyin (the Romanized spelling of Chinese words), speech sounds, conversation, and writing.

Sample Courses

Basic Chinese III

A continuation of Mandarin Chinese with an emphasis on advanced language skills, including conversations, characters, grammar rules, and basic Chinese translations. This course includes the study of Chinese culture, philosophy, and politics.

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