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People learn in a myriad of settings outside of the K–12 education system. Westminster College's customizable Educational Studies program will prepare you to facilitate learning with adults or youth, building a specialization in settings such as arts programs, athletic nonprofits, English-language programs in the U.S. or abroad, training programs, and more. The Educational Studies program is also a great program to launch a career focused on participating in the decision-making around educational policy and the future of the rapidly-changing education field.

Who It's For

Students in the Educational Studies program love finding creative ways to enhance the learning process and know that learning is a lifelong undertaking. As you engage in valuable research, practice critical reflection, and gain experience, you'll equip yourself to teach and lead in meaningful and innovative ways in a variety of settings.

Key Benefits

  • A customizable degree plan allows you to focus on the educational setting(s) outside of the K–12 system that interest you the most
  • Courses allow you to build unique expertise in cutting-edge topics from gamification to the globalization of education, trauma and restorative justice practices, and more
  • An in-depth research project (and optional internship) give you valuable experience that is applicable to any career or graduate studies path you choose
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About the Program

In a rapidly-changing world, learning should be lifelong and throughout many areas of an individual's life. Westminster's customizable Educational Studies program will prepare you to lead those educational ventures, providing you a solid foundation for understanding how and why people learn, and develop the skills you need to facilitate learning.

What You'll Learn

  • Develop skills for educating effectively in different educational settings, including teaching, instructional design, coaching/mentoring, training, program planning, program administration, experiential educational settings, and more
  • Develop an understanding of how people learn
  • Develop an understanding of how learning is shaped by settings, structures, and dynamics, and how you can create equity and fairness in a variety of contexts
  • Develop critical thinking skills as well as written, verbal, and visual communication skills
  • Prepare to engage collaboratively as a leader with learners and relevant publics to build a shared vision and supportive professional culture focused on student learning
  • Demonstrate creativity by combining or synthesizing new ideas, practices, or expertise in original ways that are characterized by innovation, divergent thinking, and risk-taking

Plan of Study

You will choose to complete foundation courses in either children and youth learning or adult learning and then specialize in an area of expertise. In your senior year, you will conduct a research project. You also have the opportunity to complete an internship during your studies if you choose to. Internship possibilities include opportunities with English-language programs for refugees and immigrants, policy and research organizations, nonprofit arts programs, athletics programs, youth gardening programs, and more.

Liberal Education Courses

You must complete the WCore program or join the Honors College (and complete requirements) to fulfill your liberal education credits.

Sample Courses

Don't Give Up on Us: Promoting Hope and Resilience in the Face of Childhood Trauma

Investigate traditional practices, policies, and structures found within a variety of organizations and critically analyze how they impact and shape the brain development, health and well-being, success, relationships, educational trajectories, and involvement with the justice system of those who have experienced childhood trauma. This course also features community engagement, through which you will learn from and work with professionals who implement trauma-responsive practices and examine case studies that illuminate trauma-informed practices. Your experiential and academic experiences in the course will enable you to apply concepts of transformation, social responsibility, and sustainability to solving real-world problems.

Indigenous Knowledge and Lifeways

Introduce yourself to indigenous knowledge systems, ways of learning, worldviews, social-environmental organization, and lifeways from various regions of the world. You'll explore epistemological questions, relationships (economic, social, governance, with nonhuman life forms), and historical and contemporary practices and then apply your learning to addressing global crises and reflecting on your own cultural identity, values, and practices.

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Career Opportunities

Potential Careers

Your knowledge of education will be highly sought after and applicable in a variety of education-related careers and non-formal educational settings, including in organizations, programs, and areas such as:

  • Educational policy and research centers
  • English-language programs in the US and in other countries
  • Educational software or gaming companies
  • Instructional design
  • Nonprofit administration
  • Residential programs for independent living and rehabilitation/treatment
  • Afterschool and summer programs
  • Corporate training
  • Higher education and student life
  • Museums and visitor centers
  • Educational programs for elders
  • Private or nonprofit tutoring and educational coaching programs
  • Service learning programs

You may also choose to pursue graduate studies in educational leadership or policy to pursue leadership roles in designing the future of learning.

Other Educational Studies Programs

The Educational Studies program also offers a minor.

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