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Japan is the third largest national economy in the world, and about 125 million people speak Japanese worldwide. Our Japanese course sequence is designed to help you become proficient in Japanese and find a practical application for Japanese in your individual area of study.

Who It's For

Learning Japanese has great practical advantages for many fields, most notably in the field of business. Our Japanese program is ideal for students interested in exploring other cultures or specializing their studies in global markets or politics.

Key Benefits

  • All classes are taught by professors who are fluent in Japanese and are well versed in Japanese culture
  • Opportunities to apply what you learn through practical applications relevant to the modern, digital era
  • Small class sizes that allow one-on-one attention from dedicated faculty

About the Program

What You'll Learn

The Japanese course sequence offers 4 semesters of Japanese lessons. Throughout the course sequence, you will become familiar with the written kanji system, language sounds, reading, writing, and the historical culture of Japan.

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