Day 2: Our First Concert and Ancient Roman Ruins

June 1, 2022

Rachel Kibler, soprano:

Today was incredible. I can't believe we got to sing in the Pantheon. The sound was so incredible, and it was such a meaningful moment. We were connected with each other, making eye contact, and appreciating the space we were in.

The tour of Rome was delightful but hot, and after the tour, the group I was in wandered back through the Four Fountains and the Spanish Steps.

The gelato is great, the food is awesome. The choir is gelling personally and musically.

Jessica McIntosh, alto:

We had a great day today in Rome. We are all exhausted from walking all day under the sun (95 degrees), but it was well worth it! My favorite part of the day was singing in the Pantheon unexpectedly. It was really awesome to see people around us stop and listen. The acoustics of the buildings here are exquisite and I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazing choir! It was really fun to be able to see ancient Roman ruins and learn more about Roman history. I am excited to learn more as this trip continues. So many amazing experiences only within the first 24 hours of our trip.”

Our guide is very knowledgeable, sharing historical facts and points of interest. We toured most of Ancient Rome today, and when we entered the Pantheon she asked if we might sing. Without hesitating, they said that just doesn’t happen there. Fifteen minutes later she was told we could sing one piece - what an opportunity! It was our first time singing since our Buon Viaggio concert, and the singers were incredible.

Yes, the short time we’ve been together here has already made a difference in our unity and friendship, creating a new and exciting ensemble sound as well as response to the music.

Tonight we had our first concert at Chiesa Evangelica Valdese.

Chamber choir singers posing in front of Roman basilica

chambers singer group standing in front of Trevy Fountain in Rome

chamber students standing in beautiful courtyard

chamber choir group posing in front of Roman ruins


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